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IN-8 Nixie Clock

(This project is still under development, more information will follow)

Image of IN-8 Nixie Clock


The nixie clock features six IN-8 tubes fitted in sockets. The clock is controlled by a Atmel microcontroller and is packed with features. It is powered from a low voltage plug in adapter and uses a simple boost converter cicuit to generate the high voltage necessary for the tubes. A real-time clock is used to keep the time and is backup powered by a supercap when the clock is off. High power blue led are fitted under the tubes and can be dimmed in groups of two by pwm.

The clock is direct driven, that means every tube is connected to its own driver. These are Russian K155ID1 drivers specialy designed to drive nixie tubes. They are old and limited avaible, but work great. It definitely ads to the "vintage" feeling. Other benefits of direct drive are that all tubes have a constant supply and light at the same time. This means, no high peak currents during switching, no switching noise and tubes can achieve a higher brightness then multiplexed tubes.

Features (Hardware)

Render image of the clock pcb


Latest version Rev.A

Closeup photo of nixie tube

Close-up of the tubes

Closeup photo of nixie tube

Another close-up

Photo of assembled nixie clock

Clock in full daylight