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Homebuild professional DMX switch pack

For controlling effects from my lighting console I normally use just standard DMX dimmerpacks, but for some cases like fireworks I needed real on/off switching, dimmers always leak some voltage becasue of the snubber network across the output, so I started building my own switch pack.

Photo of the switch pack


The switch pack has two relays and is controlled by DMX512. The start address is set by dip switch, there is a extra dip switches to select different operating modes. It features a safety channel so it can be used for special effects. I use the switch pack for fireworks, confetti shooters, CO2 shooters and more.

Designed to be compact for on-stage use. The DMX input circuitry has overvoltage and overcurrent protection but is not isolated, this was done to reduce cost. To fit everyting in a small Hammond case, powerCON connectors are used at the power in and output for their locking capabilities and small footprint.



Switchpack Rev-A


Example code

Photo of switchpack

Switch pack finished

Photo of switchpack PCB

Assembled PCB

Switchpack frontpanel

Frontpanels are manufactured by Schaeffer AG

Photo of switchpack's internals

Inside the Hammond case with wiring done

Photo of switchpack's rear

Rearpanel with powerCON in and outputs